[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Jason Fabok


When Batman tells the Justice League about super criminals who covertly work for the government to get time off their sentences, the League decides to act. The Justice League has decided to put an end to the Suicide Squad! But can the world’s greatest heroes truly overcome the world’s most ruthless villains — especially with the backing of the US government?


Joshua Williamson really puts all the cards on the table in this first issue! Batman and the League feel betrayed by the government who uses the Suicide Squad for some of its nastiest missions, while publicly denying their existence. Batman, thanks to his dealings with Amanda Waller, knows this isn’t true. When the Squad heads off to battle another villain they find the Justice League as well ready for a confrontation!


Williamson does a great job with the story here. Combine that with the amazing art by Jason Fabok and you have a really solid issue. I have no complaints about what I read so far. I went into it thinking about a one sided fight because of the sheer power of the Justice League. However, Williamson doesn’t disappoint and gives us a worthy fight that isn’t close to being over!


Justice League vs Suicide Squad is already becoming a favorite book of mine in only it’s first issue! The Justice League has been on course against the government before but Waller is someone to be taken seriously. Always one of my favorite DC characters, although she has no powers Waller is one of the most dangerous women on the planet in my opinion. So far Williamson is showing us why she is, and I’m enjoying it!

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