Review: Green Lanterns #14

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artists:  Eduardo Pansica and Ronan Cliquet
Inkers: Julio Ferreira, Ronan Cliquet and Blond

The Phantom Lantern arc comes to a thrilling conclusion. Rami and Volthoom have a battle of galactic proportions. Jessica and Simon face off against Frank, The Phantom Lantern, Laminski. A few members of the Corps show up and they are not pleased to be on Earth. Things end with a bang and a cliffhanger.

This entire story arc was just perfect. I am not sure how Sam Humphries is going to top this. Seriously, there is so much going on with each issue. There is action. There is angst. There is tension. The reader feels like he or she actually put on the Phantom Ring and went through the ringer. I know I have no interest in ever wearing one of those and yet I feel like I did. Humphries has a knack for emotional storytelling. His flawed Lanterns remind us all that perfection is not possible. The old school Lanterns like Hal, Kilowog and Tomar-Re were all larger than life heroes. They were “born without fear” and we felt that to be like them would mean that we were special. Frank feels that way. Frank is us. What Frank does not understand is that there is no perfection. That is an illusion. Jessica and Simon are a mess and that is why we love them.

Speaking of love, the art team needs some love thrown their way. Like many other issues, there are two artists here. They make it real and honest and heartbreaking. Frank goes through a lot this issue. He becomes an Indigo Lantern and is filled with compassion. There is peace and joy coursing through him. It is serene and beautiful. Crash cut “across town” and Volthoom and Rami are trashing Frank’s place. Action. Frantic. The reader feels like he or she needs to duck to avoid getting hit with come cosmic energy. Cut back to Jessica and Simon waiting out Frank. Simon does not sit still very well and the energy he is holding is is evident. Just excellent work.

I am not sure I buy that result of the battle between Volthoom and Rami. However, in Sam I trust.

I read Green Lantern comics way back in the day. My first comic was the introduction of the Demolition Team. John Stewart came along and he was my favorite. His Mosaic comic was my favorite run in the history of the all the titles. It was short lived, but it has a social commentary and it was wonderfully written by Gerard Jones. Sam Humphries has a lot of that going on in this book. This story arc was not just well written and beautifully drawn. It, like Mosaic before it, is important. Thankfully, this book is doing well and hopefully Sam has no plans to leave it. Bravo to Mr. Humphries and his team for writing a smart, artful, and glorious book.

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