Review: Detective Comics #948

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: James Tynion IV & Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Ben Oliver

Between the long and amazing stories of Batman that James Tynion IV has crafted, and the wonderful and creative stories of Marguerite Bennett, especially in her Bombshells series (Editor’s note: You SERIOUSLY need to read DC Bombshells. It’s an awesome series and 77 issues in this week! Plenty of catch-up for you!), this issue has some heavy guns behind it!

In the wake of the Night of the Monster Men, strange goings on are occurring in Gotham. Monsters are still wandering around the carcass of the fallen giant. Gotham has sent in a clean up crew but they are experiencing delays and so “Monster Town” has formed. What insanity might be released in Gotham with these mutations running amok. Worse yet, what might opportunistic industries do with the chance to really examine the carcass?

The final epic bang at the end of this issue is also something I am looking forward to. I don’t want to spoil too much but there is going to be a lot of shots fired in the coming issue!

This issue opens up with a look at how Batwoman started with Col. Kane guiding her and teaching her. There is a very interesting moment alluding to the fact that Batwoman shouldn’t be another Batman, she can do things differently. That sets up some interesting thoughts within the Detective Comics universe as of late, especially with Batwoman’s partnership with Batman.

The art of Ben Oliver is beautiful as well and helps add a visual flare to let the audience know that Marguerite Bennett is behind this issue.

After a second quick glance over I fear that the story is going to be very simple and foreshadowed instead of as complex or intricate as it could be.

This issue was fantastic. It starts a lot of different plot lines, and throws a few wrenches into the gears of Gotham. I’m very excited by the addition of Bennett to this issue and look forward to the action-packed, stylish, ride to come.

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