Jerome and Penguin’s Dad Back in Gotham

November 2016 we learned that the character Jerome was set to make his return in the hit Gotham TV show after the winter break. “Mad City: Ghosts” aired on Monday night and we had teasers to build up the antici……pation. Revealed in the teaser clip we see Jerome and his chilling narration. We can tell that since he’s been to hell and back he’s an entirely new person, much more wicked, violent, and insane than he was previously. Executive producer John Stevens had this to say about the return:

Bruce really gets pulled into the Jerome story. We really see a big step that he takes. Another brick in the wall (of the Batman philosophy) gets built in Episode 14, and it gets built via Jerome. Jerome being the stand-in for the person we know he probably is out there. It’s, for us, really significant that that guy ends up informing this part of Batman’s mythology.

We know when Jerome was killed in Season 2 that there’s no way he was truly the Joker. If he’s been brought back to be the Clown Prince, well killing him off in the first place was a terrible decision.

The second clip aired teased the return of Penguin’s father, Elijah Van Dahl, with his signature nightcap. We don’t know what his returns entails if it’s a dream, hallucination, or a real ghost. No matter what it is, that ominous line “He is not to be trusted,” refers to Edward Nygma. Will we see a change in Penguin’s and our eventual Riddler’s relationship?

Gotham airs Monday nights 8pm EST on FOX.

Shaina Lucas

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