Review: Batman #15

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tom King
Pencils: Mitch Gerads

Batman and Catwoman finally have their night out! As the two spent some time on the rooftops of Gotham alone, they reminisce about when they first met and how. Bruce finally opens up to Selina, but will it be enough for her to change her ways?


Bruce and Selina finally let their love for each other show in this book! After all the issues of the fighting, betrayal, and covert government operations, King finally lets Bruce and Selina relax in this issue. Here, the masks come off and backstories are told, in particular Catwoman’s. King shows Catwoman’s human good nature in this issue, and we’re shown the reasons that Bruce is in love with her like he is. I love Mitch Gerads’ artwork in this issue as you get a real detective noir feel with the book. I haven’t read something like this in a while.

I really have no negatives about this issue as we have the right balance of action and of course romance between our two characters. Selina’s history is dominant in this issue and we find out key reasons for her death sentence which I was glad to have answered myself. I never thought Catwoman would knowingly murder 237 people, and now we know exactly the reasons for her conviction here in this issue. Batman basically goes into detective mode in this book, and who doesn’t like seeing Batman doing what he does best?

King brings Batman and Catwoman’s dealings full circle in this issue and it’s brilliant. Although Batman is a genius, combat expert, tactician, etc, he still has emotions and a heart and Selena tugs at them in this issue. He even admits towards the end of the book that she as a hold on him to a degree, and its more than just the masks that they share in common.


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