Review: Lucifer #14

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Richard Kadrey
Artists: Lee Garbett & Antonio Fabela

Fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, demons, and of course, God…that ass. The battle begins! Rather the most important part of all battles, strategizing. Well at this point it’s really planning, or as Gabriel called it, scheming. With his powers restored what is the original fallen angel to do to take down God? First one must be able to match the power of the enemy, after acquiring that power, the next step can begin.

In another part of town a blonde, brown coated smoker roams the streets looking for food. Luckily for a man literally plagued by demons, this blonde haired magic user saves his life. Who is this mysterious new force? In an even further away part of town, called Hell, more scheming is going on.

The personality of the characters in Lucifer is quite wonderful. From the physically grotesque to toe maniacal and pure evil, each character has a very unique feel, even among the hordes of demons and punks alike.

The tension and familiarity between Lucifer and Mazikeen is also very real. They have a way of interacting that anyone who has been in a relationship for a great length of time will know. That of such familiarity that everything is predictable and yet so wonderful.

The art style of Lee Garbett is quite wonderful, especially when looking at the blonde magic user in this issue. This character really pops graphically due to the inking and shading of the skin. I don’t know if Garbett or Fabela are responsible for this end product but it is much appreciated either way.

This issue feels rather thin, not that it’s any less pages or writing than any other, but it has four separate little parts of story in it. Each is advanced a little but none of them go very far at all. I’m not sure if this pacing is a throw back to Neil Gaiman’s days writing Lucifer or something new.

I truly enjoy the writing of Kadrey. Each character is interesting to me and readers have much to learn about them. The artistic team on this issue is wonderful and matches the writing well with unique and striking panels and character designs.

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