Michael Keaton’s ‘Batman Returns’ Batsuit auctioned and sold for $41,250

by Damian Fasciani
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Back in 1992 Michael Keaton came back to reprise his role of the Dark Knight in Batman Returns and the original Batsuit he wore was auctioned and sold for $41,250. Tim Burton’s sequel to the game changing 1989 film,  Batman also included Catwoman and the Penguin. Even though the film made a huge amount at the box office; Warner Bros thought the film was too dark and wanted to lighten the brand. We all know what happened from there. With all that being said, the iconic suit worn by Keaton went up for auction, and it would make a great collectors piece for anyone who is happy to part with a decent amount of money.

The auction of the 1992 Batsuit measures over 6′ foot tall and is mounted on a custom stand. The full description of the auction item is as follows:

Michael Keaton’s Batsuit from Tim Burton’s hit superhero film ”Batman Returns”, which smashed box office records when it opened in 1992. Body of batsuit is in formed black rubber segments covered by the textured integral cape and cowl style mask, with long black leather gloves, boots and gold plastic belt and bat symbol. Original parts of the costume worn in the film are the cowl, cape and body; the gloves, belt, insignia and shoes are replicas for the display. Costume comes displayed dramatically on a mannequin with chiseled face of Keaton, mounted to a 2′ square gray-white base with ”BATMAN RETURNS” at front center. Batsuit measures 6’5” tall and approximately 27” at the widest point of the cape. Some glue present where cape and cowl meet, overall very good condition.

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