[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Art Baltazar & Franco
Artist: Art Baltazar

The Legion of Doom plans to open up the Phantom Zone while the Justice League tries to stop them.

I really like Art Baltazar’s art both on the cover and in the interior art. The unique designs are really enjoyable and set the book apart. Additionally, it fits the tone of the book really well.

The sense of humor is still great. I love that Lex builds a fortress for the Legion out of Kryptonite. That is smart but it also means that Kryptonian villains such as Braniac can’t actually come to the meetings. What really makes this joke work is that Lex is completely surprised by this; it just slipped his mind.

The book feels like an episode of Super Friends but with some hints of parody and more creativity. I really wish this was what the TV show Legends of Tomorrow was like. It’s like the 1960s Batman show. It’s silly but the humor comes from the characters taking it so seriously.

This is another solid issue for the book. It’s a lot of fun to see the Legion of Doom and a giant silly action scene with them. I love the creativity and the sense of humor this issue has. I recommend reading the issue especially kids; it’s a lot of fun.

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