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by JC Alvarez
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The time has come for a new kind of hero and Steve Orlando the writer behind the new Justice League of America promises an astounding rebirth for DC Comics premiere fighting team.

On DC All Access the official online news network for all things DC Comics, writer Steve Orlando offered some insight on his latest venture which tasked the talented storyteller with reassembling on new team of heroes in Justice League of America: Rebirth #1. The latest spin-out from the recent big battle crossover Justice League vs. Suicide Squad that brought those two opposing forces together against a common foe. “Why do we need these heroes? What type of heroes do we need as the world changes?” JLA: Rebirth writer Steve Orlando places bets this is the larger question that this motley crew will find themselves racing to answer!

Batman is irrevocably affected by the events of JLvSS. At the center of this new league is the Dark Knight Detective who has recruited some clear favorites and some new faces to make up this branch of the JLA. Among one of his premiere choices to join the roster is none other than Vixen. “The core of the team orbits around Vixen and Batman,” Orlando told Tiffany Smith on the DC All Access segment. “Two characters who have both started with great loss in their lives, but fought their way back almost from nothing.” Vixen is asked to come onboard personally by the Batman in one of the issue’s climatic moments.

Tiffany Smith focused on the dynamic roster and asked Orlando about his cast which includes a relatively new fan favorite, the ice-queen Killer Frost. The one-time arch-nemesis who often faced off against Firestorm, was elevated to a new level of popularity when her alter-ego Caitlin Frost played by Danielle Panabaker appeared as a regular player in The CW live-action reboot of The Flash. “Killer Frost fights to redeem some of the mistakes she’s made in the past,” Orlando said, “but it’s a function of a sickness that isn’t her fault.” Snow’s vampiric appetite for the heat of another living human might mark her a liability, or asset to the group.

“Killer Frost is there because she showed Batman [in JLvSS] given the chance she proved that people can change, people can reinvent themselves.” Second chances would appear to be the opening theme guiding the first arc in the series, as other recruits including The Atom the protege of the original Ray Palmer and the mercenary Lobo have a lot to prove, especially within the still evolving diorama of the DC Universe “Rebirth” rebrand. The exploration of DC Comics characters’ legacy has been a main drive of creatives, hoping to get back on track after somewhat going off the rails following “The New 52” reboot.

Justice League of America: Rebirth #1 promises to take its audience on an expansive ride throughout the DC Comics Universe, and delve deep into these new heroes lives as they begin to work as a cohesive force. “When you bring people of different view points is, people like Vixen, people like Killer Frost, The Atom, Lobo everyone — the team is created from people who come from all different walks of life — and informs how they approach this idea of heroism and community — that’s what JLA is about!”

Pick up Justice League of America: Rebirth #1 available on stands now and prepare yourself for the dawn of a whole new kind of super heroics!

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