Review: Batman #17

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tom King
Pencils: David Finch

Batman is getting prepared for the arrival of Bane in Gotham, even going so far as enlisting Superman for help in protecting his greatest asset. But as Batman plans to safeguard his allies, Bane launches an assault — and the Dark Knight must fight back!

Tom King does a great job of showing Batman’s fatherly side for a few pages in this issue. Going to Superman for a favor, Clark is surprised to find Damian, Jason and Dick and in capsules completely comatose. Batman informs him that Bane would find and kill them to get to him so he needs them to be safe here. Although Batman is primarily a loner, his connection to his “sons” can’t be ignored at all. After that, it’s all a basic game of psychology that Bane plays, and he plays very well. Although he can’t go after Jason, Damian, and Dick, Bane goes after Batman’s other allies instead, forcing Batman to confront him once and for all.

I don’t have any complaints about this issue. Gotham Girl finally makes a return as we see Alfred taking steps to heal her mind via the Psycho Pirate and I hope she actually becomes a permanent member of the Bat-family myself. Although the book has moments of slow pacing, its completely understandable as King is slowly building up to the confrontation between the two. Bane really plays with Batman’s mind in this issue, and just when Batman thinks he has the upper hand he becomes suddenly exposed. King leaves us on a cliffhanger, which makes me mad. But I understand Tom, I hold no grudges!

Batman #17 is a good read. I enjoyed the entire issue from beginning to the end, and King satisfactorily answered the questions I had about Gotham Girl as well. I’m definitely looking forward to the confrontation between Bane and Batman, especially with the situation Batman has now found himself in. David Finch’s work gave us perfect shadows of the characters and their surroundings. Each page gave you a look as if you looking into the streets of Gotham yourself, and I hope he brings that same look to the next issue too! King leaves us on a cliffhanger where you already know that the next issue will be a fight between Batman and Bane! Can’t wait!

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