DC All Access Cracks the Code on SUPERMAN: REBORN

by JC Alvarez
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The plot continues in DC Comics “Rebirth” relaunch though in the pages of one of its titular titles SUPERMAN: REBORN will reveal the true identity behind the mysterious Mr. Oz and his grand scheme!

Everyone has been wondering what the true identity is of the sinister agent Mr. Oz that appears to be behind and pulling the strings in DC Comics current imprint side reboot “Rebirth”. Introduced in the premiere issue of DC Universe: Rebirth #1, the shrouded mystery man has been keeping a close on Superman and his family, including wife Lois Lane and son Jon, after the misplaced group converged into the prime continuity, shortly after witnessing the death of the New 52 Superman.

His intention haven’t been made clear, Mr. Oz did reveal that this Superman (the Superman from the original pre-FlashPoint continuity) and his family are not what they appear to be, and Clark has himself revealed the possibility that there may be more afoot as he as worked to integrate himself into his new surroundings. So what’s going on really?

DC All Access recently caught up with Patrick Gleason the co-writer behind the recent Superman: Reborn arc that began in Superman #18 and promises that more shocking revelations are in the works for fans of the Man of Steel. In this first part of the story, Jon (aka Superboy) vanishes after the family receives a gift — a photo album — that was left on their doorstep by the alternate-Clark Kent (who is also still a mystery).

Something else is mighty suspect as we’ve learned that Mr. Oz has been collecting various individuals within the DC Universe including Tim Drake, the Red Robin, and Doomsday — although someone with very close ties to Superman has escaped from one his prisons, leaving behind a very cryptic message: “Superman where are you?”.

To see the interview and perhaps decipher some of the mystery goto:

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