Review: Deathstroke #14

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Joe Bennett

Deathstroke is back in action! Slade Wilson has finally gotten his suit back from the beaten Raptor and is once again back in business! What will Slade do when an old associate from the Supermax has a contract for him? Take it of course!

Priest totally blew my mind with this story! Wilson crosses the line in this issue when it comes to his own son. Wilson is sleeping with his own son Joe’s fiancé! The two are set to be married in a week! However all is not what it seems as we find out the woman, named Etienne, was actually sent by someone to keep an eye on Slade — but she ends up sleeping with him instead. I seriously hope Slade’s son doesn’t find out. Although the two are distant in the book, you can tell Joe has some sort of respect for his father, although its not much.

I have no negatives about this issue. Priest surprised me with the reveal of Etienne sleeping with Slade, and Rose is finally back in the title as well! She’s slowly finding herself while back at home and I believe she’s trying to find a new identity outside of being Slade’s daughter.

I thought Deathstroke #14 was a good read. I didn’t expect the plot twist, I was happy to have Rose appear once again, and Joe Bennett did an awesome job with the pencils and details. I can’t wait to see how next issue starts since Priest leaves us with a crazy cliffhanger at the end!

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