Wonder Woman Trailer 3 “Origin” Debuts

WONDER WOMAN Official Teaser Trailer #3

Earlier this evening, amidst all of the musical performances, slime and jokes from the mystery host (Hint: IT’S JOHN CENA!), the DC faithful were treated to the world premiere of the new Wonder Woman trailer which aired during the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards.

Speaking via video message, the movie’s stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine introduced the clip shortly after a mini-legion of kids dressed in Wonder Woman attire came out on stage and had a little laser battle. The stars also showed audiences the signature Wonder Woman pose of arms crossed in order to deflect projectiles but not before the cameras showed kids already equipped with toy bracers (no doubt they will available for purchase around the movie’s release date).

But here’s what you’ve been waiting for… the trailer!

One must note that early on in the trailer, we see Wonder Woman as a young girl who must be brought up in the ways of the Amazons. As the daughter of Hippolyta, Diana (Wonder Woman) must be trained to be the fiercest and greatest of the Amazons.

One the first interesting points in the trailer is when Hippolyta states that Diana must “never know the truth of what she really is.” For fans of the comics that are currently working their way through the Wonder Woman series, this line has a bit more weight attached to it than it would appear. Will the current story line play a part in the movie? We’ll have to wait and see.

The trailer continues with the arrival of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) as well as Diana taking up the mantle of defender of the world. Armed with sword and shield, Diana travels to London with Trevor and proclaims how hideous the city of London looks. “It’s not for everyone,” Trevor replies.

The trailer concludes with a montage of Wonder Woman on the battlefield in scenes we have seen before such as her use of sword and shield, riding a horse, and deflecting bullets and grenades.

However, one interesting point in the trailer shows Wonder Woman flipping what appears to be a half-track vehicle that, to those that don’t know the extent of her powers, shows how powerful Diana really is. It will be really exciting to see the public experience Diana and realize that she is not just a great fighter but carries with her amazing super human strength. There is also a quick shot of the bracers being used as a conductor for electrical power/energy but where that came from remains unclear.

The trailer concludes with a funny gag in which Diana, dressed in 1920’s period clothing, tries to manage a revolving door but her sword and shield prove the task to be difficult. 

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, 2017.


Joseph Marcas

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