Review: Wonder Woman #19

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Liam Sharp & Laura Martin

Diana leaves the mental ward and goes to Godwatch in order to save Dr. Minerva.

The interior art is by Liam Sharp with colors by Laura Martin. As usual, the art looks good. The faces are expressive and there’s a nice level of detail. It’s all great to look at.

I don’t really like the cover by Sharp and Martin. The faces lack the detail this team usually has. Something about Diana on the cover just looks strange to me. She also doesn’t have pupils; her eyes are just white. It’s not really appealing in any way.

While I found Godwatch sympathetic and compelling in the past story line, they just bore me in the present day story line. I’m not sure what it is but they don’t engage me in any way. Maybe it’s because they never have any sympathetic scenes in the present. They’re just generically angry and evil even though I know they have a good backstory.

The issue is ultimately dull, to be honest. I really enjoy the past story line but this present day one does not engage me. The art is strong but there’s nothing in the story that I found appealing. I don’t think there’s anything technically wrong with the issue but I’m not invested in anything going on.

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