DC All Access :: Pays a Visit to the Set of “Duet” the Crossover Musical Episode of THE FLASH and SUPERGIRL

by JC Alvarez
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What happens when you have one of the most talented casts in the business all on one soundstage — you get a musical! DC All Access visited the set of this season’s THE FLASH / SUPERGIRL crossover when the Music Miester attacks!

When you have a pair of veterans — former cast mates of an all-out musical TV hit show, it was only a matter of time before The Flash and Supergirl stars Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist would be putting aside their famous cape and cowl, and trade-up to tap shoes for the highly anticipated “musical episode” crossover of their respective series. With Supergirl having taken the leap and joined the rest of the family on The CW staging such an elaborate scheme proved (nearly) effortless for executive producers.

It may have looked like a soft shoe side step to achieve, especially with Gustin leading the troupe with his fancy footwork and Benoist belting out like a screen siren, but working the narrative into each of the individual show’s plot lines and making them work — that may have been the bridge to making the melodies in “Duet” appear so effortless. Finding a foil to add to this madcap adventure was also a no-brainer bringing another Glee alum into the mix as Darren Criss tested each of our heroes as the mercurial Music Meister.

When Kara and Barry find themselves at a crossroads each in their own love lives, the Music Meister puts them up to the challenge of living out their lives and follow the script of a musical to its end to escape their prison, or die trying! In the end, after a few song and dance numbers which featured the cast of the DC Comics inspired series out of usual character — a group number featured the ensemble to the tune of “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” as the trio of Jesse L. Martin, Victor Garber and John Barrowman sang the original tune “More I Cannot Wish You”.

DC All Access visited the set as the group prepared for their big moment in the spotlight and revealed some of the behind-the-scenes antics, including moments leading up to the big finish and the proper duet between the series’ stars when Benoist and Gustin performed “Super Friend”. Of course the evening couldn’t have been more perfect as to when Barry steals the climax of the episode and proposes once more to his one true love, Iris West played by Candice Patton to the also original track “Runnin’ Home to You”.

Check out Tiffany Smith’s onset visit with the cast here:

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