This Week on DCTV! Giving you ALL ACCESS!

by JC Alvarez
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From Harley Quinn confronting a grossly exaggerated issue with New York City’s homeless dilemma, to ARROW facing off against his most dangerous adversary yet, and DC’s LEGENDS playing loose with the historical timeline — DCTV has given fans “all access” to all the action.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to DCTV on YouTube then you are perhaps not getting all the news first hand and as it’s happening — and that’s just sad. It’s really easy to assume that as rabid fans we spend entirely too much time on the Internet or in chat rooms dissecting every aspect of our favorite DC Comics, but sometimes — it’s just easier to get the news as it’s happening!

For instance like many us, you have a whole new appetite for the wildly eccentric adventures of everyone’s Clown Queen of Calamity, but Harley Quinn has got her hands full with a gut wrenching case when the mayor of New York City has come up with a proposal for dealing with the homeless problem — and it’s a plan that’s hard to swallow! The comic’s creative minds Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner come together to deliver the “meat” on Harley’s latest escapades!

There’s a lot of ground to cover on The CW in primetime and beginning with Arrow it looks like Oliver Queen’s past is finally catching up with him and the result is devastating for Star City’s greatest avenger, but for the series star Stephen Amell and series Executive Producer Wendy Mericle they are confident that could be the best season of the long-running show yet! And as our hero heads toward the Season 5 finale and confronts the villain Prometheus, Oliver’s best days may be behind him!

Now you say you’re a big fans of the time-tripping DC’s Legends of Tomorrow then you’ll know that they’ve pretty much lost the battle as the Spear of Destiny has fallen into the hands of the bad guys known as the Legion of Doom  — there’s only four of them, but they are pretty bad ass! Under the leadership of the Reverse-Flash who has convinced the bad guys to do his bidding so that he can outrun the Black Flash history has been rewritten, and the Legends are now a bunch of losers! Coming out of final combat with the Legion, the Legends are going to have a lot of explaining to do as the last shot cliffhanger of this season’s finale has us all wondering…how are they gonna fix that?

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