Review: Justice League of America # 4

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Steve Orlando
Pencils: Ivan Reis

The newly formed JLA takes on Havok, a wanna-be dictator of a country called Kravia. Havoc has taken on an immense power, a power that he uses to give his followers powers as well. Can the JLA defeat Havok and save a country? Or will this newly founded league fall as quickly as it has formed?

This was an action packed issue and I enjoyed it! This isn’t the Justice League that you’ll usually accustomed to. This is a team hand picked by Batman for some of the darkest assignments that the League usually won’t touch because of international law. Batman has assembled Lobo, Killer Frost, The Atom, Black Canary and a few more. I was a little confused because of the complete mix of heroes and villains here, but Orlando makes them function well together while keeping all of their personalities intact. I really enjoyed seeing Lobo — he keeps me laughing!

The ending of the book left me a bit confused but I had to go back and read the previous issue to get to the understanding of it. Orlando does end the run on this story arc with the JLA here, so I’m guessing I won’t see what happens any further than that last page. I have no complaints about this issue besides the ending.

JLA #4 is a great read that’s full of action and the dialogue between characters is awesome. Batman is a badass like always and it seems no matter the company he keeps, he always has to take charge of the situation. It seems that Batman and Vixen share the leadership of the team, and Vixen is looking to be a great leader so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what threats a team like this could possibly face in the future!

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