[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Rob Williams
Artists: John Romita Jr. and Eddy Barrows
Inkers: Richard Friend and Eber Ferreira

Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad attempt to put an end to Rustam and The Burning World in the conclusion of “Bringing Down The House” titled “The Price You Pay.”

Review: Suicide Squad #15

This was a fantastic end to a pretty amazing story arc. The fight scenes between The Burning World and the Suicide Squad was very well written, and were drawn perfectly by Romita Jr. and Barrows, especially when a certain someone got their arm chopped off!

Harley, or should I say, Kevlar Girl, continued her leadership role with the squad, leading them against The Burning World, with the help with the “not so dead after all” Amanda Waller.

Waller’s “death” was explained in depth in this issue, and some might argue that her return could be a negative aspect in this book. Comics have a certain predictability when it comes to the death of characters. No one never really stays dead for to long, and as such, Waller’s return should come as no surprise. However, Williams clarifies in great deal the reasoning and process that went into Waller’s death, and what we get out of it is a deeper understanding of Amanda Waller, and the extremes she’s willing to go to. For that reason alone, it’s a big positive.

Even though this was the conclusion of this story arc, Williams does a great job at setting up future stories to come. By the end of this issue, you’ll be left with many questions, which translates to wanting to read the next story arc for sure. Williams definitely lives by the old saying “Always leave them wanting more.”

This was the first issue in this story arc that didn’t have two distinct stories, each drawn by different artists, like the other issues did. Romita Jr. and Barrows rather shared the one story and went back and forth with the artwork. Normally, two different artists sharing the same book might throw off the flow of the story, but it didn’t in this case, and that’s only because both artists are so incredibly talented. There may be some pages were you can tell the difference in artwork, but their both so good, it doesn’t matter. The last page that was drawn with Lex Luthor and Waller’s flashback pages were incredible!

Review: Suicide Squad #15

As mentioned before, some might argue that Waller’s return, or even the reason for her death, was somewhat predictable. That alone can perceived as a negative in this issue.

Review: Suicide Squad #15

If you’ve read the entire story arc so far, chances are you’re going to read this issue. If you haven’t, then you should read this story arc. Williams tells an amazing story, and it’s made that much better with some great artwork. So many questions left unanswered, that it leaves you biting your nails for the next one.

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