DC All Access: How Batman & The Flash are taking Rebirth to the next level

by Danny Saab
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[Editor’s note: This article may contain spoilers.]

I think every comic book fan would admit that DC Comics has been nailing it out of the park since the launch of their Rebirth branded comics. Rebirth, which started over a year ago with the DC Comics Rebirth Special, paved the way for a storyline that revolved around a button that mysteriously appeared in the batcave.

We get a little closer to some answers today as DC began a 4 issue crossover with DC’s greatest detectives, Batman and The Flash. It all starts with Batman # 21, followed by The Flash # 21 next week.

DC All Access Takes a look at the mysterious 'Button'

Throughout the year, there have been little teasers sprinkled across many of the DC titles, all hinting at a bigger event to come. DC All Access spoke with Joshua Williamson (Writer, The Flash) regarding the story of the mysterious button, and what it all means for the DC Universe.

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