Review: Unfollow #18

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Mike Dowling
Inker: Quinton Winter

Guess what Vertigo heads? This is the end of Unfollow. How does that make you feel? Well, I know it makes Dave and Ravan feel pretty bad. I know Larry F-ing Farrell is happy his endgame has come. Of course, he is a psychopath so…This is the end of the game. The end of the series. The end of this world. How can I summarize something that is too amazing to behold? I am not going to. There are only 18 issues of this groundbreaking book. Go. Get them. Read. Think. Look in the black mirror and decide if you like what you see.

I am pleased with who “wins” the 140. I am pleased with the way it all comes down at the end for Larry. Honestly, that was pretty amazing. Of all the places I thought Larry Farrell would be at the end of this book, this was totally out of left field. Bravo, Mr. Williams.

Mike Dowling also gets to take a bow. There is a lot happening here. Chaos is literally raining down on the survivors. Bullets fly. Blood is shed. Tears flow and he makes us feel like we can smell the singed hair and taste the blood in our mouths. This whole series is full of amazing characters. They have aged in away that is reserved only for world leaders and Dowling brought us along. Remember, he is co-creator of this book. These people are his vision as much as they are Rob Williams’. Look at Courtney and Dave in issue #1 vs. issue #18. They are totally different people. The scars they have are not just on their skin, but in them and Dowling bares each and every one of them.

AHHHHHHHHHH!! How can this be over? I need Belushi from Animal House, to jump up at the end and say “Nothing is over until we decide it is.” Rob, Mike, Quinton… Please. I do not want it to be over.

Ravan has the best, most powerful lines in the book. It is as though Rob Williams put a microphone up to his brain the words came out of Ravan’s mouth. This makes me happy because I think, deep down, she is the best of them.

“I hid behind lenses. Behind screens. I distanced. I did not fight for what was right. The horrors surrounding me, surrounding us every day. They are so great. I once believed there are no more stories to tell. I was wrong. There are endless stories to tell.”

There we are. This story, this bloody, horrific, beautiful, tragic, heartbreaking, wonderful story is a story to tell. I know that the team here will go on to tell other stories. Some other writer will be blessed with Mike Dowling’s keen eye and Quinton Winter’s color palate. Those books will be worth reading. This book though, it is worth reading again and again.

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