[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artists: Marcio Takara & Marcello Maiolo

The Bat-Family has been freed from their bonds and are ready to fight, but with the entire League of Shadows surrounding them, what will they do? To make matters worse, the Colony is headed for the heart of the battle geared-up and ready to rain down fire and brimstone!

This issue was fantastic! It had a lot to live up to with the bloody action movie that was Detective Comics #955, and it did so brilliantly. With a number of two-page spreads this issue continues the battle in one long scene. The action is just as well coordinated while looking more technical as Shiva and Cassandra face off.

One of my favorite moments in this issue comes from Clayface! During the showdown when things get chaotic he rescues Batwoman and gets her to safety. I would expect the monstrous Clayface to turn into a giant spiked ball or a steam roller and just plow through his enemies. Instead I goes super stealthy! It was something to behold!

As this issue came to its epic and large scale conclusion I began having some worries. The ending does not disappoint and surely whatever comes next will be an even bigger battle! My concern though is that since Rebirth, Detective Comics has been large event after large event. In the last few months, Gotham has been bombed, crushed by giant monsters, and now attacked by the League of Shadows. While these are epic stories, I wonder if it is beginning to wear on the readers and become too crazy. I appreciate how wild and crazy Batman can be but is it possible for James Tynion IV to keep one-upping himself without getting stale?

I very much enjoyed the resolution to the League of Shadows arc and what it means for the Bat-Family as well as Cassandra specifically. What comes next is going to be crucial though for keeping readers from getting bored.

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