Review: New Super-Man #11

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artists: Billy Tan, Tako Zhang

Three miles off of the coast of Shanghai Professor Zheng Shiqiang and one of his students made a new discovery that gets them killed! Meanwhile Master I-Ching is guiding Kong Kenan, along with his regular class to make their Qi still. To unlock his next trigram, which is of movement, he first must learn to be still. Suffice to say, the young, energetic, and super-powered Kenan isn’t enjoying his class. He can’t wait to get moving as fast as he can to try and out run Avery, the Flash of China! New Super-Man #11 also starts to explore Deilan’s past and it is much more mystical than Kenan’s or Baixi’s!

New Super-Man #11 is filled with humor, quips, and of course GIANT MONSTERS! Billy Tan, who has replaced Victor Bogdanovic as the artist for the series, does excellent work! His style of drawing has a lot more soft edges and looks more akin to Manga in the facial expression.


Along with the new art style, a bunch of characters make guest appearances such as, Lex Luthor, Amanda Waller, and Harley Quinn! Wouldn’t that be something, Harley and Kenan punching each other in the face!

The final twist ending of this issue is what really makes it great though and is going to be cause for Kenan’s world to get totally thrown for a loop.

With a new art team, some new characters, and a world or two of possibility New Super-Man #11 is a great issue that opens a lot more possibilities!

Konrad Secord-Reitz

Konrad (@WednesdayNR) is a comic book fan for all genres. Staring with superheroes and moving toward more non-traditional characters and stories he reads everything and anything that draws his attention and is written well. Growing up Konrad watched Batman:TAS and all the other WB cartoons. That childhood love of Batman spread into gaming and comics. In 2011, with the New 52, Konrad picked up his first comic and started collecting, not stopped since. Konrad loves to review comics and interview your favorite artists and writers! For more of his content be sure to follow him on social media and check out his website