Review: Future Quest #12

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Doc Shaner

The final battle of the Future Quest team comes to a head. Omnikron has brought F.E.A.R., Team Quest, Team Space Ghost, and pretty much everyone else together. A fully functional Space Ghost leads a team to save the Impossibles who are trying to save Igoo and Gleep. Mitor and Birdman have a lot going on as well while Dr. Quest and Zin are mind zapped by the Omnikron. Frankie Jr. and Buzz are in a pickle and Buzz’s mom needs to get them out. Who does that leave? That is right. Cue the music. I prefer the Reverend Horton Heat Version of the Jonny Quest theme song. That is right. Jonny and Hadji Quest! Omnikron has no hope against them.

The hero of this whole series may be Jeff Parker, but the star has been Doc Shaner. This final issue is all about Doc. Each major member of the team gets time to shine. Dr. Quest and Zin right from the beginning have some up close and personal pain and loss. While Parker’s story gets us to the point, it is Doc who brings us the pain they feel.

Space Ghost, who has really taken a backseat in this 12 issue run, stands…um…flies tall and Shaner brings him to life in the way that he deserves. He is bold and heroic and he is…well…Space Ghost. The Impossibles and Igoo have some giant panels that are action packed and full of fun. As stated in the summary, Johnny and Hadji are the big heroes here and they get a lot a lot of love and face time too. Yes, they actually share a face in the image. It is pretty awesome.

My favorite panel, by far, is when Buzz and his mom get Frankie fully weaponized. His fingers have guns in them. I know that Frankie is just a giant robot with a straight line for a mouth, but in that moment, Doc makes it look like he is smiling as he speaks Parker’s line, “This means war.”

This book, and the whole series have been overloaded. Sometimes, it is all too much. It took a long time to get everyone involved and then it was hard to be to invested in any of them. Just look at the cover. While it is an excellent piece of pop culture art, the problem has been giving all of them the time and space they deserve.

This is the end of the run. It was fun while it lasted, but it just didn’t work. I have nothing but praise to heap on Jeff Parker for what he did here. I just think the lift was too heavy as there was just too much. I hope he comes back for more.  Would I like to see Parker and Shaner team up for a Space Ghost/Team Quest crossover? Yes. I could also deal with the Impossibles having their own run where they play music and solve crimes. It would be absurd and wonderful. I appreciate what Parker brought to life here. He helped me relive my childhood and have a lot of fun.

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