[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Stephen Byrne



The two teams of heroes travel to the Power Rangers’ universe to save Angel Grove from Braniac.



The cover by Karl Kerschl is pretty cool. The team up between Braniac and Lord Zedd has been pretty fun so it’s cool to have a neat looking portrait.

I adore Stephen Byrne’s art. There’s so much energy and life in the way he draws these characters; they’re gorgeous. The colors are fantastic as well; I just love looking at this issue and the previous ones. Byrne’s style really appeals to me.

The Rangers get to cosplay as various DC heroes and villains which is amazing. Batman steals various gear and gives them to these random teenagers which is hilarious. My favorite is Kimberly completely understanding and loving the boxing glove arrow. That is adorable.

I like how well the team works together. They’re actually fairly efficient together and compliment each other’s strengths. Tom Taylor understands how to use these characters as well as how to express their unique voices. It’s an impressive balancing act.



I have no real negatives for this issue



This is a great issue; it is a lot of fun. The two teams are a lot more compatible than I thought before and it’s a lot of fun to see them work together. The cosplay part of the story is awesome and adorable. And I love this art. I highly recommend reading this issue.


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