Review: Odyssey of the Amazons #5

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Kevin Grevioux

Artists: Ryan Benjamin, Don Ho & Tony Washington



The Amazons try to escape capture while the Jotuns confront the Devil.



I like the cover by Ryan Benjamin. The monster designs are interesting and draw my eye to the book. It’s a cool and intense cover.

In general, I like Benjamin’s designs. The issue has a cool aesthetic and style; I especially love the Devil. He reminds me of the version from Fantasia. It’s an intimidating design and it works well.



Outside of the designs, I am not a fan of the art. It’s not terrible but it doesn’t work for me. The characters don’t look distinct enough for my tastes and the art is mostly dull. There’s not a lot of color which I understand. Because it’s in the past, there is a sepia tone quality to the colors but I don’t think it works. The last issue was really colorful and neat looking. This one isn’t engaging visually.

The issue is phenomenally dull. I don’t care about anything that’s happening. The characters don’t really have any personality traits and are pretty interchangeable. Honestly, I can’t tell any of them apart. There’s nothing in this story that ever interests or holds my attention. It was really tough to read for me.



I really don’t like this issue. There are some neat character designs but that’s the only thing that works for me. There isn’t anything in terms of characters or plot that is interesting or engaging. It’s dull and I don’t recommend reading it.


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