Wonder Woman Lifts A Tank In New Epic Poster

by Brandon Richardson
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As we get ever closer to the release date for Wonder Woman we have been able to see lots of epic shots of Wonder Woman being a total bad a** mamma-jamma. The most recent poster is no exception as we see the Amazonian Warrior effortlessly holding up a tank over her head. To give you an idea, that tank is roughly  20 tons of pure metal! For those of you who are curious, the tank looks to be a Panzer but not everything lines up for that. But given the setting of the film is World War 1, it definitely gives way to it possibly being the British Mark series. Don’t worry that’s the end of the historical breakdown on the poster.

All and all it is an amazing poster with amazing eye-catching colors and it truly shows Princess Diana’s strength and grace. Are you going to make it out to the premier on the 24th or will you see it opening night on June 2nd?

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