New ‘Wonder Woman’ High-Res Photos!

by Brandon Richardson
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With so many of these images being shown in low quality in various magazines and ads, its great to finally be able to see them in high resolution! It’s even better with the Wonder Woman movie premiere coming in just two days, and the official release date on June 2nd which makes these shots even more tantalizing.

These are various images throughout the film, set, and behind the scenes but I know those of you who are as excited for the film will enjoy these as much as I do. I think we need a little positive fighting woman power now and again. These photos came from the wonderful people at Warner Bros. to really help show how much detail they went to just to tease the snot out of us with them. We don’t mind though, look through all the photos and enjoy.


Now if you prefer behind the scenes photos then here are some especially for you.

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