Review: Deathstroke #19

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writers: Priest, Benjamin Percy and Dan Abnett

Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan and Roberto J. Viacava



Deathstroke has the speedforce! After kidnapping Wally West aka the Flash, Deathstroke uses him to acquire the speedforce from Rebirth’s own alternate Wally West aka Kid Flash! Now that Deathstroke has super speed, just what exactly is his plan? What is the Lazarus Contract?


This story shows us an entirely different side of Deathstroke that we haven’t seen before and I loved it. Immediately following the previous issue, Slade is carrying out a plan to save his son Grant from an untimely death, but at what lengths is he willing to go? There are a series of flashbacks throughout the book that shows there’s a lot of history between the Titans and Slade and the writers really knew how to give so much weight to the story.


I have no complaints about this book except the conflict between the Flash and a speedforced Deathstroke. I really expected better out of Wally and he knows it within himself as well. Always relying on his super speed in battle, he becomes utterly terrified when he witnesses Deathstroke with it and he immediately runs away! I was totally angry about that from him and expected more! The writers did a great job of showcasing Wally’s confidence and doubt alone against an even more powerful Deathstroke, and expect we’ll see him experience that fear again in the future.


Deathstroke #19 is a good read. It has plenty of action, and the art provided by Carlo and Roberto is awesome. Each page is full of color and life, and even the fight scenes were vivid and intense! I admit that I love having Deathstroke using the speedforce for his benefit! It’s clear that he enjoys the near godlike power that he has, and I can’t wait to see how the Titans attempt to take him down!


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