DC’s Legends of Tomorrow casts Tala Ashe in a mighty new role!

by JC Alvarez
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When DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns next fall, they’ll be joined by a pretty powerful new member as actress Tala Ashe assumes a seat at the table in Season 3!

One of the caveats of a team show is that the roster can change! On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow the show runners have already proven that interchangeable quality is the perfect formula for keeping things interesting, and especially igniting season long arcs! We may have a clue now as to what might be the peril facing the crew of the time-traveling Waverider next fall with the addition of a new cast member Tala Ashe as a mysterious computer hacker.

Legends executive producer Marc Guggenheim has in recent interviews expressed an interest in bringing DC Comics characters into the mix to the show that aren’t necessarily all the mainstream names. He’s even hinted at the idea that it could be a character that is a DC property but that may  never had a relevant storyline in published works. The casting of Ashe in Season 3 may exactly deliver on that whim, and we have a pretty good idea who she may be playing!

What do we know so far about Tala Ashe’s role on Legends so far? Her character is named “Zari Adrianna Tomaz” and according to Entertainment Weekly Online she’s “a Muslim-American woman from the year 2030.” Tomaz is a skilled computer hacker, but has not yet realized her full potential as she may hold some mystical powers that she has yet to discover. In the DC Comics, Adrianna Tomaz goes by another alias, that of the mighty Isis!

Wielding mystical and magical abilities that grant her enhanced strength, speed and flight, Isis becomes the consort of Black Adam and is indelibly connected to the history of the Marvel Family including Shazam! With the Legends team still reeling from their confrontation with the Legion of Doom and history turned all upside down in last year’s cliffhanger, here’s hoping that with this new addition to the roster the group will be able to set things right!

The very lovely actress stepping into these sandals Tala Ashe is a veteran of the live stage and was currently featured on the NBC show American Odyssey as well as the musical Smash and the comedic 30 Rock.

Produced by Berlanti Productions and based on the DC Comics characters DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW in the fall joining The Flash on their Tuesday night line up at 9pm EST.

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