Review: Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artists: Christian Duce Fernandez



After embarking on a new, secret mission to locate his allies Charlie, Sameer and Chief, Steve Trevor discovers yet another beautiful, mysterious, secret land.

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special DC Comics News


Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed blockbuster, DC Comics releases the Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special one-shot with beautiful cover artwork by Paul Renaud.

Seeley begins the issue nicely with an action-packed rescue of Trevor by none other than Wonder Woman herself. This gives Seeley the opportunity to show the chemistry between the two titular characters while adding lighthearted humor to the story line.

It isn’t until Trevor leaves on a secret mission solo that the story really begins. DC Comics takes full advantage of the release of the new film as we find out Steve Trevor’s mission is to aide his allies Charlie, Sameer and Chief, whom we met in the film. This is a nice reversal from the film that had Trevor seeking out their help. Though the characters are a bit different from their film counterparts, it is great to see the characters again.

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special DC Comics News


Despite that the beginning scene had its good points, the characterization of Wonder Woman herself felt off and forced. On top of that the idea that Steve Trevor finds this magical new land seems far fetched considering he already found Paradise Island. I just feel they could’ve gone another route for the same impact.

Though it’s not a negative to regular readers, new readers influenced by the movie may be caught off guard by the time discrepancy between the film and comic book. While the movie has Trevor in World War I, the book has him and his allies in the present day.

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special DC Comics News

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special DC Comics News


Anyone still wanting more Steve Trevor after seeing the movie may want to pick this book up since this is a great jumping on point. Though the story has it’s weak points, it’s worth reading simply to see Charlie, Sameer and Chief again.

Cameron Tevis

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