Review: Batman #24

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Artist: David Finch



Gotham Girl is back! After months of mental torture courtesy of the Psycho Pirate! Finally able to reclaim her life, we find Claire having a conversation with Batman on the rooftops of Gotham. She’s trying to decide if she should move on and have a normal life, or if she should stay being a hero–even with all that’s happened to her. It’s through this conversation that we also find some insight into Batman as well, and King made it very intriguing.


King gives us a story about the overall purpose and reason of Batman in this issue. Claire is found asking Bruce all sorts of questions trying to figure out what her next move is, however we also find the gears in Batman’s own mind turning as well while he tries to answer her questions. The most interesting and most breaking answer I found was when Claire asks Bruce “is he happy being Batman?” His response is almost heartbreaking. He replies ” I’m not Batman because I like being Batman. I’m Batman because I’m Batman.” I thought this brief moment was the most telling. In it, it seems that Bruce implies that his happiness is almost forfeit because Batman is so necessary to Gotham. Batman has a purpose, a mission, and happiness is something that even Bruce Wayne can’t seem to have.


I have no negatives about this book. Although there’s no action here–and you know I love books with strictly action. King makes up for it by giving us insight into Batman’s own fears, desires, and wants. We even get a wild ending with Selina which I’m sure will have ramifications in later issues as well.


Batman #24 is a great read. The ending is one in particular that will have real weight in future issues. I don’t want to ruin the ending for you but I’m happy that Batman is finally taking steps to pursue happiness. Let’s just see how long that happiness lasts however.


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