The Amazons to Play a Role in JUSTICE LEAGUE

by JC Alvarez
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Actress Robin Wright who lead the Amazon armies as Antiope in WONDER WOMAN is set to reprise her part in the upcoming next episode of the larger DC Extended Cinematic Universe JUSTICE LEAGUE!

Although it appeared that Antiope portrayed by Robin Wright in Wonder Woman met her untimely end, struck down by a bullet during the German incursion of Themyscira in one of the film’s dramatic battle sequence, the character will play a significant part in the upcoming Justice League. The actresses, including Wright, Gal Gadot and Connie Nielsen who plays Queen Hippolyta confirmed in an interview with the LA Times that the Amazons will be further explored in the team film which unites Wonder Woman with the rest of the league.

Robin Wright is confirmed to reprise her role of the Amazon general Antiope in the next DC Film JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Asked if audiences are going to see more of the actresses in the evolving storyline, Gadot insists that she is looking forward to exploring the relationship between mother and daughter. “I think that there’s a lot more to explore,” Gadot offered, to which Nielsen amended fans will get to see in Justice League. Although the actresses were tight lipped about their specific part in the obvious parademon invasion that brings the league together, Nielsen added, it’s “kind of badass!”

All that Wright would say is that audiences will “get some of the history” suggesting that perhaps the inclusion of the characters in Justice League may be a flashback. The trailer for the film shows what looks like an army of Amazons swooping in to save the day! Still we can hope that the Amazons got the general under the healing lamps of the Purple Light or bathed her in their life saving pools, and ultimately Antiope has recovered to her full strength!

Wonder Woman is currently playing in theaters nationwide, and Justice League will be released in November through Warner Bros Pictures.

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