Kurt S. Adler Releases Batman Collectibles

by Shaina Lucas
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Fans are going crazy for these brand new collectibles. These are some must-have pieces to have in your collection! Let’s check out what Adler’s released.

First up is a Stylized 10 1/2 inch Nutcracker! Who wouldn’t love a Dark Knight Nutcracker?

Next up is a Batman Christmas stocking! It’s 19 inches long and features Batman geared up ready to go to fight crime in Gotham City.

Want your very own Bat Signal? Then look no further for the Batman Bat-Signal Tree Lights Set! The sets feature 10 lights when a foot of space in between totaling up to 10 feet. Umm…I want these just to light up my bedroom. And every other room in the house…including outside.

Want more lights? Check out the Batman LED Fairy Light Set. There are 20 lights spaced 4 inches apart with a 24 inch lead wire. The set is battery operated, “AA” required and are not included.

Last but not least there is a Batman Figural Bust Clip On. The figure is 3 1/4 inches and can clip on to your backpack, purse, wherever! Have the Dark Knight with you all the time, protecting you from crime.

All items are available now expect for the Batman LED Fairy Lights which will be available August 2017. Happy collecting!


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