Review: Detective Comics #958

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artists: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, & Brad Anderson



Everyone deserves a little time to relax with friends, and that’s exactly what Jean-Paul and Lucius are doing when we see them in the opening pages of Detective Comics #958 ring side at a basketball game. The two friends, quickly joined by Kate who has come upon hearing that a certain actress from a certain vampire movie may be attending, are all enjoying the game when the unthinkable happens.

Azrael’s old friend Nomoz comes stumbling into the court covered in blood and pleading for help! Meanwhile, Bruce is on the other side of town at the Iceberg Lounge trying to find his way into the high-rollers club uninvited.


One of the best things about this run on Detective Comics, which continues with this issue, is the character development. Each character in the Bat-Family is connected and feels like a person, not just a tool for Batman to keep tucked away in his utility belt. While it may seem boring or uneventful, the small and friendly interactions throughout this issue build the characters together and solidify them as real and not just this issue’s cool celebrity guest star.

One of the artistic choices that stuck out to me most was the lighting of each scene, or panel at times. There is such a variety of contrasts as well as the values from scene to scene making everything seem separate and distinct.

I also extremely enjoyed a new tool that Batman almost used which is his watch! In a 007 style tech, it opened to reveal a hologram of the bat-symbol. Is this a beacon for help? Or perhaps a tool to summon his costume and gadgets?



There aren’t any negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



Detective Comics #958 has a focus on character driven story which is such a nice departure from the recent string of event driven arcs. This issue is fantastic!


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