Review: Lucifer #19

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Richard Kadrey

Artists: Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela, Todd Klein



When all hell breaks loose everyone around the pearly gates feels it. With Lucifer’s plan fully formed and prepared, this issue opens with the very calm last minute check before everything begins. Lucifer himself heads directly to God to confront him armed with his massive sword and Gabriel’s heart. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Arabella wait for word from Lucifer as Lorin is hunted by the demon who marked him.

As events unfold, blood begins to spill on all plains of existence, from the Presence feeling Lucifer’s blade, the burning demon flesh and even Mazikeen’s blade gets a taste of demonic blood.



The story contained in issue #19 of Lucifer is great. It gives readers the pay off that has been set up over the previous issues in a dramatic and fulfilling way. The return of Mazikeen is much welcomed and genuinely unexpected, though I bet long time fans of Lucifer knew she would return.

The fight between Lucifer and the Presence reminds me greatly of something that could have come right out of Devil May Cry and is satisfying.



With the setup that was given for this, certain things concluded rather quickly and felt flat. The fight between the occupants of Ex Lux and the demon could have been quite interesting but ended rather abruptly. The same thing happens with Mazikeen’s return. The events feel quite Shakespearian and dramatic like an assassination, ending quickly rather than being fights.

One final issue I took was the too-coolness that Lucifer and Mazikeen display when finally meeting again. While I understand that Lucifer is nigh-omnipresent, it would be good to see something human in him. Especially in the way that he might connect to her.



Overall, I quite liked Lucifer #19, it finally concludes the Presence and allows the next arc to start anew with all things right in the world. Or are they?


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