Comics Legend George Pérez talks CRISIS

One of comics most legendary names George Pérez discusses his remarkable contribution to the medium with his work on CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS

There’s no doubt — comic book legend George Pérez has had an indelible effect on the medium and there’s no escaping the intricately textured and talented artist is considered (along with Marv Wolfman) the progenitors of DC Comics most remarkable story arc Crisis on Infinite Earths. The 12-part maxi-series released in 1985 changed the landscape of storytelling in the market place.

Marking the then 50th Anniversary of the publishing giant, besides featuring practically every single character in the DC Comics universe Crisis would also provide the creatives at DC to reexamine those five decades of continuity and provide a much more simplified playing field. For Wolfman and especially Pérez it gave the pair create license across generations of adventures.

One of Pérez’s most incredible feats, Crisis presented the artist with the challenge of depicting for the contemporary era every single superhero and villain in every genre of DC’s publishing in one streamlined narrative that would at its conclusion do away with the convolution of a multiverse. Since that history tale there have been several “Crisis” sequels and the multiverse has a rebirth!

The artist spoke with Mike Avila (@MikeAvila) of SYFY Wire and gave his fans this unique opportunity to glimpse into the creation of DC’s most impactful story!

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