David Harewood Says Playing Cyborg Superman is Boring

by Reigh Carlo
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Playing a superhero is one of the best jobs that one can have. But playing a bad guy can be exceptional, especially when playing an iconic villain. Take the late Heath Ledger who portrayed one of the baddest, most sinister villains in the DC Universe, The Joker, who will be remembered because of his amazing, thrilling, and mind blowing portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime. But it doesn’t happen all the time. Supergirl star David Harewood who is known for portraying several roles in the show admits that he is not enjoying playing one of his roles, in particular.

In an interview with Supergirl super fan Tanisha McAteer, Harewood, who was a guest at the Australian Convention Supanova in Perth, was asked whether he enjoys playing more as Martian Manhunter or as Cyborg Superman.

“I don’t like playing Cyborg Superman,” Harewood admitted candidly, “They didn’t really flesh it out, they didn’t really write for the character, they just gave me this rather cheap-looking mask and no costume and said ‘okay you’re Cyborg Superman.’ But it didn’t really pan out, they didn’t really go into why he was a Cyborg, how he became a Cyborg, what its powers were, it was just kind of randomly calling him Cyborg Superman. I was very excited about it at first, but then I very quickly realised that there wasn’t really much to it. Whenever I walk into my trailer and I see that costume, I just switch off because I know it’s gonna be a really boring day.”

Well, we guess that not all the time a super villain role can be as satisfying or rewarding. But we are still hopeful if they decide to bring Cyborg Superman to the series again.

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