Review: Cyborg #14

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: John Semper Jr.

Pencils: Will Conrad



Anomaly’s plans against Cyborg have finally been fulfilled! But has Anomaly been betrayed by the mysterious voice he’s been talking to? And as Cyborg continues to seek out answers, it seems he only has more questions–especially now with his mother alive!


This story started out a little confusing at first, but Semper clears things up very quickly. Cyborg starts out seemingly adrift in his mind, seeking to return back home. When he awakes he finds himself in an alternate universe, where machines have taken over. Variant, Exxy and Anomaly are also there as well. When Cyborg encounters his mother from an alternate Earth, he finds out his true purpose in being bought here.


My only complaint in this story really was the reveal of Anomaly. Throughout the entire series so far he seemed to be a villain with a major plan–now we find out his plan was flawed from the beginning. It was the alternate universe version of Cyborg’s mother that was giving Anomaly orders the entire time! I also found it odd that once these four were tossed into this alternate Earth, everyone including Cyborg completely forget the fact that Anomaly was a villain! He just tried to kill you all–and now Cyborg and Variant are conversing with him on how to get home! I really felt let down on the reveal of Anomaly’s purpose, however judging by the ending of the book, Semper has something major in mind.


I thought Cyborg #14 was a decent issue. My only disappointment is in Anomaly’s reveal of purpose, however the introduction of Cyborg’s mom was a real treat. I wonder, however, if Semper may have something else in store because towards the end of the book we meet a whole new team that Cyborg has to work with to save this alternate Earth–the Metal Men!


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