Arrow Star Stephen Amell Makes Claim About Colton Haynes’ Returning

by Reigh Carlo
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Through the five year fight against crime, Oliver Queen has had a pretty good roster of allies who have come and gone in the show, but among them there is one character that fans really want to see again. And it seems that the star of the show share the same sentiments.

In a panel in Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville, Stephen Amell was asked by a fan about Arsenal’s potential return to the show. The fan also asks him if he misses having Roy Harper as his crime fighting partner.

Stephen responded positively, saying, “I miss Colton Haynes’ handsome face every single day.

Then the fan again asked if Roy would be returning, and Stephen boldly responded by saying, “If we end this show, whenever it happens to end, without seeing Roy Harper again, I think we will have made a tragic mistake.

On the second season of Arrow, Roy Harper was injected by the Mirakuru virus which drove him mad and made him murder a police officer. In future episodes, Roy was haunted by his horrendous deed. Even though he found some romance with Thea Queen, Roy was still haunted. When Oliver’s Arrow was framed for murder, Roy took upon himself the blame and went to jail for it. But thanks to Team Arrow’s help, Roy was given a second chance by living a new life outside Star City with a new identity. Roy then was seen on an episode where the Calculator learned his identity and his location. He also reprised his role in the last crossover episode entitled “Invasion!” wherein he appeared as a hallucination of Oliver Queen.

Hopefully we get to see Colton Haynes as Arsenal in future episodes of Arrow.

Arrow will return this fall on a new night Thursdays, 9pm, October 12 in The CW.

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