Arrow: Stephen Amell Wants to Battle Some Flash Villains

by Reigh Carlo
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Over the five year run of Arrow, we’ve seen Oliver take on some pretty nasty bad guys. We’ve see him go toe-to-toe with Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke, Ra’s al Ghul, Damien Darhk, and the most recent, Prometheus. With Season 6 already in production, it seems that Stephen Amell wants to take the challenge up a notch.

In an interview with, Amell spoke about the upcoming season of Arrow at the recent Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. In here, he reveals that he wants to square off with some of Barry’s villains, and he reveals who he wants to take on.

“King Shark would be fun. No actually, I think that some iteration of Harrison Wells, the evil version would be pretty awesome to deal with. I like him. He’s smart.”

Green Arrow versus King Shark and Harrison Wells. It seems like a pretty good choice. In Season 2 of The Flash, we get to see Diggle and Lyla with Barry confront King Shark, and it would be an interesting turn seeing the meta monster in Arrow. Harrison Wells is a great choice as a villain and with the multiverse at the background, we can hope to see another evil Wells hiding in the multiverse. Maybe we get to see Felicity and Wells duke it out in a battle of brains.

With Comic-Con just around the corner, we are really excited about the news and the development on the next season of Arrow would be. In the meantime, the season premiere will be doing some pretty heavy lifting after the events that transpired in this past season’s finale.

Season 6 of Arrow will return this fall on a new night, 9pm on Thursday, October 12 only on The CW.

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