Scarecrow Is Back In Gotham Season 4

by Brandon Richardson
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That’s right! The Scarecrow (aka Jonathan Crane) will be coming back to Gotham in Season 4. Last we saw, Jonathan Crane’s father had dosed him to make him overcome his fear, but it ended up being too much for him which caused him to be in a state of constant terror. If you want a full recap before season 4 starts, as far as the episodes pertaining to Scarecrow, check out the episodes from season one titled “The Fearsome Doctor Crane” and “The Scarecrow”.

A lot has happened between then and now for the city of Gotham and of course our valiant Bruce Wayne, including verything from the power struggle between The Penguin & The Riddler.  So there is a lot of turmoil and grime for the Scarecrow to make his glorious return. David Mazouz, the actor who plays Bruce, had this to say:

 “Scarecrow comes back in season four. It’s on full blast, I’m really excited!”

Outside of that and a couple other statements there hasn’t been an official word as to whether or not Scarecrow will be the main antagonist in the upcoming season. But given that quote, it is very likely that we will be seeing more of the Scarecrow in the upcoming season! This of course will make one more bad guy, but it is possibly one too many to have in play when it comes to the villains in Gotham. I personally think that they will have the Riddler and The Penguin continue their games only to have Scarecrow show up and crash the party. What do you think is going to happen? Do you think Ra’s al Ghul will make use of the fear that the Scarecrow will cause?

Gotham returns to FOX on a brand new night, Thursdays, starting September 28th at 8/7c.

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