Michael Rowe on Playing Deadshot in Arrow Again

by Reigh Carlo
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Michael Rowe, who is famous in the Arrow series for portraying the marksman Deadshot for three seasons and was suddenly killed off in the latter part of Season 3, believes that Floyd Lawton survived and should return to the Arrowverse. The series killed off the character because of the studio believing that movie goers will get confused by the Deadshot (portrayed by the legendary Will Smith) in the Suicide Squad film. Fans then hoped, after the film, for the return of Rowe’s character.

Eventually, Rowe returned as Floyd Lawton in an episode in the fifth season of the series but it was only a delusion of John Diggle when he was falsely imprisoned. But we are still hopeful that Deadshot will again resurface in the Arrowverse and the series can talk about how he survived from his supposed suicide.

During a set visit to Rowe’s upcoming comic book web series Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe, ComicBook.com got him to share his thoughts on the Arrowverse Deadshot’s fate. He then confirms that the decision in killing his character came not from the hands behind Arrow but it came from the bosses’ upstairs. He also believes that Deadshot didn’t die in the explosion.

“I don’t think that he died in the explosion; maybe that’s just me giving the character a lot of credit. I know that he’s notoriously hard to kill, and I have my own theories as to what happened in that situation. You didn’t see a body; they just had to remove him quickly from the show because of business and there would be a lot of fun ways to bring him back…”

He also opens up other ways Deadshot can be reintroduced, believing that he DID die from the explosion.

“Me coming back to Arrow or any of those shows is always a possibility. You’re talking about a universe where they deal with time travel, there’s all kinds of flashbacks, there’s ways to bring people back to life, there’s ways to go to alternate earths like you’ve seen on The Flash.”

That’s a pretty good point given that The Flash went back in time to save his mother and created Flashpoint, it would be possible that when Barry resets the timeline, he changes the fate of Deadshot. Also, given that Superman had his debut in the small screen in Supergirl, maybe the big bosses of DC Comics are relaxing their confounding policy of not having both big and small screen versions of the same character to exist at the same time. At the end of the day, the question is still left unanswered, are we going to see Rowe’s Deadshot be back in the Arrowverse. Only time will tell.

Arrow season 6 will return this fall, October 12, 9pm, Thursday on The CW.

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