Michael Cray Sees Expansion of WildStorm

Michael Cray returned to comics earlier this year, featuring in The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt. Cray’s situation was portrayed as nothing short of dire, and without wishing to spoil any of the plot, death seemed nothing short of imminent. However, he was then offered a job by Christine Trelane to join a rival organisation.

To see the story out in full, and to see what lies ahead for Michael Cray, fans will have to read the solo-spinoff comic which will belong to Cray, due to hit local comic book store shelves this coming fall.

Check out the official description for the first issue below and let us know what you think on social media or in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you!

Warren Ellis’ critically acclaimed relaunch of WildStorm gets its first solo spinoff series! Michael Cray, professional assassin, has been betrayed by International Operations and has an alien life-form in his head that’s either killing him, transforming him, or both. The only thing that can bring sense to his life is for him to do what he does best: kill the wrong people for the right reasons. But Michael needs support and resources to hit back against I.O., and he gets them in exchange for working with Trelane, taking out her targets, his way. First up? A sociopathic silicon-valley billionaire by the name of Oliver Queen!

Be sure to catch WildStorm: Michael Cray when it hits shelves on October 11.


Ross Collie

Ross is 18 years old from Dublin, Ireland. Ross grew up surrounded by his father's Batman collection and fell in love with the DC characters he was exposed to in the various Batman and Justice League animated shows throughout the years. Now in his early adulthood, Ross has a passion for writing various types of literature, for comic book reading and for collecting Batman merchandise.