by JC Alvarez
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Warner Bros. is giving fans more to look forward to with additional DC Comics films dates confirmed for the 2020 calendar and more details to follow at SDCC!

With the upwards momentum provided by the recent success of this summer’s biggest blockbuster Wonder Woman which is part of the Expanded DC Comics cinematic universe, the studio distributing the film Warner Bros. is becoming more confident with its timetable and releasing more details about its upcoming films based on the DC Comics characters.

Several announcements are expected to highlight the festivities of this week’s San Diego Comic-Con including the confirmation of when Wonder Woman 2 will be expected as well as other highly anticipated franchise favorites like Ben Affleck’s The Batman and Aquaman (which has been bumped to make room for the Caped Crusader).

What we do know for certain is that Warner Bros. has secured to major calendar dates February 14, 2020 and June 5, 2020 for two major features, though the exact titles of the films have not been confirmed. With speculation mounting many are left to assume that the dates may be related to the aforementioned WW2 or perhaps even the much hyped Green Lantern Corps.

Certainly both of those dates would commercially serve as most appealing for a blockbuster franchise. February 14 is a national holiday Valentine’s Day and June 5 is among one of the more attractive dates leading into the height of the summer season. The mystery surrounding this latest announcement may all soon come to light at the Warner Bros. & DC Comics panel at SDCC.

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