‘Gotham’ Comic-Con Poster Teases Young Bruce Wayne as Batman

by Reigh Carlo
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Last month, at the end of Gotham’s season finale, we witnessed Bruce Wayne taking his first steps in becoming the Caped Crusader. We see him out in a ski mask and full black clothes and he saved a family that was being mugged.

Today, TV Insider just revealed a new poster for the fourth season of the show, which will be handed out this week at Comic-Con, and it features a young Bruce Wayne standing on the edge of a building with his coat rustling in the wind like a cape, overlooking Gotham City, very reminiscent of the Dark Knight. We also see the new tagline for season four which will be “Gotham: Dawn of Night”.  That’s pretty on the nose if you ask me.

I hope that this season, we get to see more vigilante work for Mr. Wayne to be Gotham’s silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight.

Check out Gotham season four poster below:

Gotham-Season-Four dc comics news

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