Justice League Action Jokes With Batman v Superman Movie Logic

by Brandon Richardson
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Of course the critics and many people have taken shots at the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but now even the animated show Justice League Action is joking with some of the movies plot holes with how Batman’s plan worked almost too perfectly in his favor.  That being said it seems that it was well thought out and done all-in-good fun while pointing out some of the problems of the DCEU’s juggernaut that didn’t get as noticed or criticized.

The short episode that pokes fun at it was aired on July 13th, 2017 and it really does show just how similar Lex’s plan almost identically matched Batman’s plan for defeating Superman. Only this time Superman put two and two together before it was too late. It is pretty neat to watch, so here is a clip from the Justice League Action short, “It’s A Trap!”

Now, in the fight scene between Batman and Superman, at any given point Superman could have picked up Batman before they make it to the spot that Batman had so carefully planted the spear and made all of those plans amount to nothing as he flies Batman off to any other spot let alone planet to continue the battle. But even with Batman’s astute detective skills and years upon years of training, it would also require a lot of luck and possible goading to have Superman fall into Batman’s plan so perfectly.  But with the Justice League Action episode, Lex Luthor turns a baseball bat into his own makeshift spear of destiny for Superman to which Superman has to sort of fight off and survive this fight against the bat. Get it, because in the movie Lex manipulates Batman to be his weapon to which is supposed to kill Superman, but he says that one liner when Batman teams up with Superman,

If man won’t kill god, then the devil will do it.

Ah, bad jokes aside the Justice League Action short puts things into perspective as Superman talks about how crazy it is for Lex to have all of that planned out and how he knows Superman so well. Then of course Superman just flips Lex’s line on him and its kind of a growning “ahh” moment.

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