[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Jamal Campbell



Green Arrow and Wonder Woman team up in order to stop an assassination.



I like the cover by Otto Schmidt. The image of Diana throwing Ollie around like a rag doll is pretty hilarious. The background looks great as well; it gives the cover a nice atmosphere. The characters are well drawn and the colors are strong.

The interior art and colors are by Jamal Campbell and he is a great addition to the book. His colors are bright and vibrant, which is really great in an issue that features both the Flash and Wonder Woman. Campbell’s Flash is incredible; it might be one of my favorite artistic interpretations of that character. Campbell colors him with a bright and gorgeous red that really works. And when Barry is running around the room, I love how Campbell draws and colors Barry. The transparency is a nice touch that I don’t see often.

Diana is a bad ass. Benjamin Percy is clearly having a good time writing these other characters and having the ability to show off these characters’ powers. She’s faster than an arrow and can catch a missile midair. Diana and Ollie are an interesting team considering the latter is so political while the former is from a foreign land and does not have any political affiliation outside of generally working in and/or for the U.S.A. She operates out of morality and that’s a nice contrast to Oliver.

The Black Canary and Red Arrow team up is still really fun. I appreciate that their part is small though. I love them and they’re my favorite characters but this story should be more focused on Oliver and the other DC heroes. The two get to kick ass and their story progresses, but it’s never intrusive. It’s a nice bonus.



This is a nerdy nitpick but I do have one problem with the cover. Elements of Diana’s costume such as her tiara and her chest plate are colored silver like they were in the New 52. Thanks to Rebirth, they’re gold again. The coloring is right in Campbell’s work and she looks great. The silver does not look nearly as cool in my opinion; the gold works better.

I certainly like Oliver’s political side but he needs to shut his mouth. He is in the middle of saving someone and he’s just making a huge speech while attempting to save this woman. It’s ridiculous and he just goes on and on. And while he’s blabbing, the woman he was supposed to protect is being brutally murdered. I agree with Ollie and there is a cathartic nature to the speech but the dude needs some priorities.



This is a solid issue. Green Arrow and Wonder Woman make a pretty fun team with some good banter and cool action. The art is gorgeous; Campbell blew me away with a lot of his work in this one. It’s a fun read and I recommend checking it out.


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