Review: Batman #27

by Steven Brown
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[ Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Pencils: Clay Mann



The war between Riddler and Joker continues–and Gotham City is caught in the crossfire! Literally every major villain has taken a side, and even when low level criminals begin to choose, Batman takes advantage and interrogates one of them. Placing the criminal in a situation where he has to betray the Joker. What can he possibly do?


This story was amazing as soon as I started to read the book. Right away we meet a man named Charles Brown, a low level criminal with connections to the Joker. When the war breaks out, Batman makes Charles reach out to Joker for work, hoping to finally catch Joker once and for all. At first it seems like a good plan, until the Riddler finds out! Now it seems almost every criminal in Gotham is looking for Charles, and with Batman also looking for him, its not going to get any better.


I can’t find any negatives with this book. King shows off Gotham from the criminal Charles Brown’s perspective and it’s awesome. Although Brown is a criminal everything he does is to provide for and to protect his son. Due to the actions of the Joker, his son is poisoned, and Batman, taking sympathy, promises vengeance for Brown. This was a very touching moment that King gives us showing Batman’s own heart–even towards a criminal in dire circumstances.


Batman #27 is a great read and I look forward to the next issue. This war between Joker and Riddler is only going to get worse before it gets better. Even the citizens of Gotham are forced to choose a side in the chaos of it all. As this series continues I’m really going to wonder just exactly how Batman will stop all of this?


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