San Diego Comic Con 2017: DC’s Booth hits epic proportions

by Damian Fasciani
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If you’re lucky enough to get to San Diego Comic Con this week, you have to make sure you head of the DC Comics Booth. DC yet again have impressed me with their booth and the overall experience it provides. This is my third SDCC and every year they manage to top the previous year’s efforts, and this time around they have struck a wonderful balance in showcasing their TV, film, and comic book products.

The booth is surrounded by beautiful artwork, from the comic book art hanging from the ceiling, to the DC TV art on the walls you feel totally immersed when walking the floor. Once again, the DC staff are as friendly as ever handing out free swag. Everything from badges, to comic books, and if you can spare the time make sure you line up for your green screen experience which takes an image of you and places you into your choice of four DC pre set images. I had to experience it for myself, so I had my shot taken and choose to be placed in the middle of the Justice League. I received a free copy of the photo in a DC cover and a digital version emailed.

For those who can’t wait for the Justice League film, you get to experience the costumes of your favourite heroes behind glass enclosures, and for collectors there is a great range of upcoming DC Collectibles that you can take photos of. Just make sure you save your pennies in time for the product release dates.

Throughout comic con, you can also gain access to the DC agenda. This is where you will find time slots of artist presentations, live drawings, and signature opportunities with your favourite writers and artists.

If you’re at San Diego Comic Con and have been to the DC Booth, comment and let us know what you think.

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