SDCC 2017: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Responds to ‘Flashpoint’ Confirmation

by Reigh Carlo
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Warner Bros. has revealed their upcoming film slate for the coming years and it’s looking good. One of the films announced is entitled The Flash: Flashpoint and someone is pretty interested in reprising his role. Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played Thomas Wayne in the short Batman origin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the opening of the film. In The Flashpoint story arc, Barry Allen decides to go back in time and save his mother, which he does, but it made some drastic changes to his world. One of these changes is the night when Bruce’s parents died. Here instead of his parents being shot, it was Bruce. Thomas then dedicated his life to becoming Batman.

Following the announcement, Morgan expressed his thoughts about the film. His photo includes a both him and Lauren Cohan, who played Martha Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, at San Diego Comic-Con in the panel of The Walking Dead and Morgan captioned it “Did you say… #flashpoint @LaurenCohan” He also shared a fan made photo of him as the Flashpoint Batman and Lauren Cohan as The Joker.

Even though this news is fresh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan previously expressed that he wants to reprise his role and play as the Flashpoint Batman. Late last year, he expressed that he is hoping for a chance to do just that and it seems that Mr. Morgan may get his wish. Previously, the production of The Flash has come to its low, considering that a variety of people have walked on and off of the project. Still we are hopeful that this may give us some hope for the future of the Fastest Man Alive.

Also, Lauren Cohan could be expected to reprise her role as Martha Wayne and becoming the Joker in this messed up timeline. Although it is still unclear if she would return to the role. In the Flashpoint storyline, Martha Wayne turned into the Joker after witnessing the death of their only child, Bruce Wayne.

Hopefully, for the coming days we get to see more news about this upcoming project and other developments.

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